Hej! My name is Leo, and I am a musician, song writer and sound engineer. Here are some of the services I offer.


Do you need music for your film/tv/radio-production? Your art project? Your stage production? Your commercial campaign? I have 20 years of writing songs behind me, a thorough understanding of a broad spectra of musical genres, and I find mediocrity quite offensive. I have all the recording tools at my hand and will deliver fully mastered, broadcast ready material.

Recording / production

Does your band need to record an EP? Or do you have some songs but no band to back you? Do you just need to lay down a quick demo or do you want to try every good old production trick in the book? I have the resources to record everything from voiceovers to full bands, either at Studio RRR or another location of your choice. I can be as much of a producer as you want me to be, and bring in ideas on rhythm, melody, song structures, instrumentation etc. My philosophy is that in a truly good production you can’t really draw any strict lines between the pure sonic qualities and the arrangement as a whole. Add to that the performance itself, the feel, the mojo if you will. I don’t do voodoo but I can be the coach that pushes stuff in directions you wouldn’t have thought of.

What I love about recording is not plugging cables; I love the creation, the intricate psychological processes that is at work in the studio, and how that process can be maintained to create the most interesting, moving or challenging sounds possible… Well, I love great sounding microphones as well. They help.

You may have had bad experiences before with some studio guy that does his job technique-wise but seem completely uninterested in the music you are trying to make. I’m not that guy.


If someone says “we’ll fix that in the mix” you’ll instantly hear someone else say “that’s bullshit”. And yeah, the recording-process IS important. You should get it right at the source. But nevertheless, there are lots of things you can do with audio that may not have been ideally recorded.

Today, a band may record themselves in their rehearsal space, they may take their time setting up some mics after reading guidelines on internet forums, they may feel that it sounds alright and they may be quite happy with the performance. But when it’s time for mixdown, they get stuck. It takes time to learn how to mix. To learn how to mix great takes a lifetime.

I have “rescued” lots of recordings that were everything but perfectly done at the source, and made them sound quite sweet in the end. If you have something recorded but can’t seem to get the mix together, you really should consider getting someone else in on the job. Get in touch and we’ll discuss further.

That said, if your raw tracks happen to sound awesome as they are, and you want me to have the pleasure of gluing them together, by all means, get in touch as well!

Sound design / restoration / post production

Do you want your podcast to sound louder and more like a professional radio show? Do you have old recordings of your grandma playing her accordion that you wished sounded a little clearer? Do you need to remove noise from spoken audio? Do you want sound post production for moving pictures?
I can help!


I’ve done my share of mastering over the years, for both vinyl and CD. If you hire me for recording/mixing I’ll gladly do a quick master (boost the volume and balance the levels) which will be sufficient for listening/demo-purposes, but if you want a proper master for your release, that time will be added to the job. Depending on your ambition it could be worth the effort of hiring a dedicated mastering engineer, to have another set of ears do those final tweaks with their $10 000 tube eq and whatnot. I can help to point you in some good directions there.


Ah, yes I DJ as well. I’ve played night clubs, warehouse parties, weddings and forest raves in and between Stockholm, Gothenburg and Berlin. I can do the hit cavalcade for preppy students, the pop floor for nostalgic indie kids, the classic rock for that 50th birthday party and the minimal techno jam like it’s 2008 all over again. The last couple of years were spent spinning disco and folk rock at our club Månen at Kino in Gothenburg. Månen has been on hiatus for a year but it seems to be rising again. Good times!

If you’d like a DJ with more than 1000 hours behind the decks, that can fill those specific needs for that special party, get in touch.

Great, what´s the fee?

I do what I do because I’m passionate about it. Not to be rich. I’ve yet to have a client that doesn’t feel that they’ve got their moneys worth.

What my services will cost is all a matter of the scope of the project. Get in touch and we’ll talk about it. If you know what you want from me it’s easier for me to give you a price. If you’re not quite sure on what you want and what I have to offer, don’t worry, we’ll talk about that first!


I am originally from Hälsingland in the north of Sweden but since 2000 I’ve mainly been based in Gothenburg. I started to record to a 4-track tape machine almost as soon as I started to play guitar, which is more than 20 years ago. I played in bands, countless bands. I played metal, I played grunge, I played indierock, I banged the drums in hardcore bands. I sang and wrote sad Neil Youngish songs for the band Den. I toured Germany with the kraut-electro-act Incognito Pop. I moved out to the countryside and stopped playing music altogether for a while. In the early 2000′s I begun experimenting with hard disc recording as a tool for making music. Me and my sister started the electronic pop-trio My Enemy. I founded the record label Vapen & Godis and released EPs, albums and 7 inch vinyl with own projects and others. I started writing in swedish for my solo alter ego Tommy Eld and got quite a bit of attention for a contribution to the Haddaway-tribute album “This Is Love” on Dig Your Own Grave Records. My interest for deeper electronic music grew further and the second half of the first decade of 2000 I definitely was DJing and working with sounds in the digital realm more than I was playing guitar.

In ways I feel that in the last couple of years I have come full circle. The two bands that I’m a part of now (Kors & Rodna) both in their respective ways build on a wide musical heritage. With some of my bandmates I go back a long time. And even though I for a long time have been doing a production job here, a mastering job there, the organic way in which my activities with Studio RRR has grew upon me is a truly blissful experience. This is my platform for putting all my accumulated knowledge to use in the, I believe, best way possible. I’m looking forward to continue to evolve in how I hear and create sounds and music, to continue to share the creative process with new people as well as people that I know inside out, and keep experimenting to find new ways, always.

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