Bubble Rings

My brother Christian and I have just started experimenting with recording jams in layers. Basically it works like this; we set up some instruments and microphones, hit record and go for it for as long as we feel like (close to two hours in this first session). Then we change the setup and instrumentation and jam to what we just recorded. And then we do that again. And yeah well, one more time. Since the music will take a lot of different directions in two hours, there´s not a chance that you´ll remember what you were playing earlier. Even though you´re jamming to recordings of yourself, you get the feeling it´s someone else. And since we are two persons recording at the same time, there´s always the momentary feel, sometimes we come together in fighting what was recorded previously, rather than playing along.

No retakes of course. We only broke that rule on one occassion, but that was when playing bass, and it´s just… bass is important, right!

The other day we mixed a segment of five minutes of this jam, and it came out quite nice. Since the only leakage is in between what is recorded at the same time, we have lots of possibilities to orchestrate stuff with the faders. Instruments used during the whole session has been drums, guitars, accordion, Juno 60, lot´s of percussion, our voices and bodies, trumpet, bass, more guitar. Not entirely in that order, but almost. And the newly served Roland Space Echo that Johan recently brought by was used extensively.

You won´t hear all of that in this five minute piece. This one is quite slick actually. But there´s lots more to dig out of this session, and of course from the process as a whole.

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