Just home from a short tour with Kors, in my new home on the house on the hill. And finally getting the time to build an even newer home, which is this. Welcome.

The photo above is from our second gig at Studio Sing Sang in Malmö. Before that we did a show together with Amanda from Slow Gold at Turteatern in Stockholm. And after that we did some challenging stuff in both spectrums – first a DJ set labelled voodoo ritual at Moriskan in Malmö, all five together in the booth, taking turns on the decks, Linda banging on kitchen utensils, Karl invoking the voices of the internetz. Pitched down techno paired with delayed guitars and Karins eerie voice. We really only did what we usually do, but with different tools. Very inspiring. And the last thing we did, due to illness anda drama on the island of Asperö in the archipelago of Gothenburg, was to first cancel our show on the festival, and then do the most silent show we´ve ever done, around an old piano in a house outside of the festival area. Also very fulfilling. Thanx everyone involved, great arrangements alltogether, we´ve had a blast.

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